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TAIPEI SPRING 102 emerges as a collaborative effort by Cheng Daoyuan, ChunLi, SuddenBeach and Wei Huang bringing together a dynamic fusion of varied disciplines.

Employing a sophisticated confluence of collage methodologies, which meld effortlessly with the prowess of advanced algorithmic image generation, there emerges a poignant portrayal of urban terrains. This depiction gracefully wavers, capturing the minute intricacies while simultaneously embracing the expansive vistas. Concurrently, a melodious synthesis of electronic reverberations harmonizes with the profound echoes of traditional percussion.

Through the lens of parametric modulation, further intensified by an essence of improvisation, the composition weaves a tangible connection to the abstract. Such a dynamic invites audiences to immerse themselves within a multi-layered narrative, probing the interplay between consciousness and the ethereal void.

Curated by Postklub -

Funded by Goethe-Institut