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•Dengue Dengue DengueA tropical storm of electronic psychidelia directly from Lima, Perú. A project always in constant evolution, exploring rhythms and sounds of the world. •Nene HNene H is one of the most exciting breakout acts in techno. Based in Berlin and Copenhagen, she's hailed as part of a new generation that is pushing the genre forward. •KEENEKEENE is the duo formed by the brothers Lloyd and Kevin Keene, who since 2010 have become a referent for house and techno music in Panama. The KEENE sound is clearly seductive and elegant, taking elements of Deep, House and Techno genres. •DJ EmersonStill a youngblood of Germany’s techno scene, Emerson struck a chord with multilayered techno; enriched in quality and indicative of his synthetic electronic style. Founder of the esteemed Micro.fon imprint, he has opened the door and brought driving techno from its barren lands to a new territory built upon groove and bounce. •Sado OperaSADO OPERA is a queer music band known for their extravagant and eccentric stage shows. Originally coming from St. Petersburg, Russia the band has now become one of Berlin’s craziest and most expressive music exports. The legendary US talk show host Conan O’Brien selected SADO OPERA as a musical symbol of Berlin and joined them onstage for his TV special about the German capital. •Istanbul Ghetto ClubBrainburning Turkish wedding acid collective from Berlin •fka.m4a“Whether in Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam or London - fka.m4a's outstanding sound takes you on a journey through a seamless blend of genres, providing dance experiences filled with passion, joy, sex & culture.” - MIXMAG •IrakliSpending time with manipulating drones and hypnotizing people. Originally from Georgia, Irakli’s early descent into the German capital has seen him corner and develop a side of the local scene and turn it into something of an international fare. •Mehmet AslanMechanical Turk hailing from Switzerland with a taste for traditional folk hymns that effortlessly blend together with modern electronic rhythm. •Magna PiaHüseyin Evirgen is a composer, producer and DJ. He is one half of Cassegrain as well as works on his own solo material as Magna Pia since 2016 focusing on providing combative dance floor trips and unorthodox sonic moods with subtle 90s techno references while he keeps his interest in combining contemporary techno music with archaic symbolism. •Sudden Beach"Cinematic Sounds and Trippy Visuals" - The Joy of Violent Movement.
"With dramatic melodies and raw bass lines Sudden Beach makes us hope for more." - Fuzz Mag
•/ckayaA drummer producing digital obscurities. Exploring ambient, breakbeat, glitch, dub territories to the tune of an urban dystopia. •JubaCharacterised by her thrilling blends and effervescent energy, Juba has steadily built a reputation as a confident, skilful and daring DJ, who champions African and African diasporic future sounds across Europe and beyond. •Stella ZekriStella Zekri is a Berlin based vinyl DJ and vocalist, blending her love of dance music, disco, jazz and hip hop into her dynamic, genre defying sets. •Banu •MarylouPleasure and repetition, declension of the word percussion, Marylou carves raw oneirism. Raised between forests and ocean in the south west coast of France, her first language is painting and cinema, both soaked in her deep passion for ethnology and travels, and, ethno-musicology studies followed. •Jackie Jackpot •BakläxaUK bassmate playing a mix of left-field bass, hard drum, grime, dancehall and percussion-driven dance music. Bi-monthly resident at Bristol's independent radio station, Noods Radio with her 'Feels' show. •Malu Mujer •ShamsaShamsa smoothly blends Arabic-infused tunes with banging tribal techno and house vocals into a warm and energetic storyline. Her captivating aura is the surprise element in her performances, where she truly enjoys curating a vibe together with the crowd. •Sara MillerSara Miller is an Irish born DJ, producer and sound engineer based in Berlin. Her party series Naive Melodies began in the beloved Kreuzberg basement club Kleine Reise in 2012, before upping USB sticks and moving to Loftus Hall along with special events in locations such as STATTBAD Berlin. •AlienataSpanish-born, Berlin-based Alienata is a self-described sound obsessive whose sets span obscure Electro, ACID, dub, IDM, dark disco, jakbeat, hypnotic techno, industrial atmospheres, breakbeat, cosmic jazz , UK, Detroit, Chicago influences and crazy sounds in general. •Marta AntinucciPerformance artist and choreographer, Marta Antinucci, considers movement as a vocabulary that she develops through multi-disciplinary languages and through the use of the physical body in all its possibilities (face - voice - organs). •Isa GTColombian artist based in Berlin & London with releases on: Fania Records, Mad Decent, Man Recordings, Dim Mak, Don't Be Afraid and her own Etoro Records. •David Pearl •i.ruuu + straga •JacqNoiseIn her compositions, JacqNoise is looking for the spot where rhythms cross each other’s paths. She is deconstructing sounds in order to understand the symphony and the themes that are reflected in it. During live performances, JacqNoise synchronizes with her surroundings. She finds her main source of inspiration in cultural cross-pollination. Lately, she is observing rhythmic sounds in nature. Trees, birds, and wind are present in one noisy cloud, and in our mind somehow synchronized without being sync on a beat pattern. •Owais •Yha Yha •Raphael Dincsoy •.PK.