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POSTKLUB creates a new digital art stage for hosting a series of online events, featuring emerging translocal performing artists and exploring new distribution formats. By commissioning and curating collaborative works on the production and presentation of concept-driven performances, we want to support creative exchanges, reflecting the diversity of sounds and practices that go beyond the rules of the mainstream dance music scene.

Our overarching theme is writing new codes for event programming. Target groups are both the participating artists, as well as the audiences. During the performances POSTKLUB poses the question of how the experience of a future Berlin club can be experimented, based on artistic concepts within the framework of open calls.

As a team of 9 professionals based in Berlin, we see the digital realm as an open playground for a growing number of artists that wish to experiment with new formats to perform and present their art. Nevertheless, the possibilities for non-established artists to gain recognition and to earn money within the framework of streaming events alone remain limited. We perceive these virtual spheres, namely NFTs and the crypto community, as new distribution formats and an opportunity for artists to stay relevant.

Curated by Istanbul Ghetto Club -

Funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH